Add Acoustics to Your Designs

More than 17 years of experience, BAF CONTROL produces innovative, applicable and economic solutions with architects, consultants, engineers, Construction companies and constructors.

Noise Under Control

BAF CONTROL offers professional and individual solutions to projects about noise and vibration control.

Noise Ceases To Be A Problem

Our company, that represents the best companies of the world in their fields, produces individual solutions for projects and provides the best material and detail combination.

Noise Control Starts With Design

We work on application of special details with our experienced staff.

Enriches Your Design

Baf Control enriches your design by decorative room acoustics regulators.

Stop Noise Pollution

Baf Control Produces individual solutions for noise pollution in open and closed areas.

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BAF CONTROL (Building Acoustics & Fire Control) company has been in service for sales and applications of room acoustics, sound insulation and vibration control products since 2012.

More than 17 years of experience, BAF CONTROL produces innovative, applicable and economic solutions with architects, consultants, engineers, construction companies and constructors.


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What is Sound?

Sound consists of mechanical vibrations and behaves differently depending on the material it contacts. The sound level is measured in decibels (dB). The vibration of sound waves per second is determined by the frequency unit of Hz (Hz). The sound wave proceeds radially by touching the substances.


Noise Control?

Considering auditory comfort not as a luxury, but as a need, our company sees these issues as a part of architectural design and tries to produce solutions based entirely on science. What we call noise, neighborly or environmentally sourced, working environment, etc. It is possible to eliminate the discomfort caused by the sounds occurring in the places with the correct information and economic and quality measures.


Sound Insulation and Acoustics?

Sound insulation and acoustics are concepts commonly confused. When sound waves meet a surface either they pass to the other surface depending on the content of the surface (transmission) or reflected back from the surface (diffusion) or absorbed on the surface (absorption). All of these possibilities may occur at the same time. While sound insulation is interested in only transmission, acoustics deals with the three behavior of sound.

BAF CONTROL´s main goal is to ensure that the right products meet the right details in sound insulation and volume acoustics. Acoustics and sound insulation are generally thought to consist of applications made with pu foam. Auditory comfort is considered as a need not a luxury by our company that sees these concepts as part of architectural design and tries to find solutions according to science. We call the sound caused by the environment, neighborhood or working environment as noise. And it is possible to eliminate the discomfort of noise by economical and qualified preventions.


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